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Only available on Saturday and Sunday. Place orders at least 3 days in advance before Saturday & Sunday. 


Contains 8 x Daily/Weekend Nyonya Kueh Selections. 


Nyonya Kueh Selections:

  • Kueh Kosui
  • Kueh Bingka Ubi 
  • Kueh Salat
  • Kueh Lapis (9-Layers)
  • Kueh Dar Dar 
  • Pulut Inti
  • Rempang Udang
  • Durian Salat
  • Ondeh Ondeh 
  • Kueh Lopes


The selections of Nyonya Kueh are random and subjected to the day's availability. 


Only available on weekends. 

Premium Kueh Box

S$20.50 Regular Price
S$19.00Sale Price