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A Dream that has Been Cooking for Years

In the heart of The White Tiffin lies a dream that evolves from a mere flicker in our founder's heart to a vibrant dance of nostalgia and flavor. This story began with a desire - to bring back the comforting embrace of 'grandma's cooking' from the 'good old days.' Today, that dream has blossomed into a culinary haven, resonating with the cadence of time and emotion. 

What sets The White Tiffin apart is more than just our menu - it's the intimate journey woven into every ingredient and each meticulously crafted step of the recipe. From the creation of spice pastes to the final culinary masterpiece, each nuance is a labor of love inspired by the dream that ignited it all.

The story of The White Tiffin is a love affair that

commenced with a dream - to share the

comforting reminiscences of 'grandma's cooking.'

From the cozy corners of Changi City Point and

Woodlands Square to our latest chapter at

Esplanade Xchange and The White Tiffin Fusion

at Hotel Faber Park Singapore - Handwritten

Collection, The White Tiffin has transformed into

a culinary sanctuary celebrated for classic

Peranakan-inspired dishes with a contemporary


Our signature Nasi Lemak, Nyonya Laksa, Nyonya

kueh, and homemade Chendol dessert have

transcended mere culinary creations since 2018;

they embody the realization of our founder's

dream. Each morsel is a jubilation, a journey that

started with a heartfelt vision and continues to

evoke emotions. 

As you step into The White Tiffin, immerse yourself in a haven where oldies music wafts through the air, retro decor shares tales of bygone eras, and antiques whisper stories that traverse time. It's a tribute to the 'good old days' that we hold dear. 

Our dream extends beyond the walls and spills onto your plate. It's a commitment to crafting experiences rather than just meals. Each bite is not just a testament to the dream simmering for years; it's an invitation to relish the opulence of our founder's culinary heritage and savor the comforting flavors inspired by a dream that has come to life. At The White Tiffin, we invite you to join us on this culinary journey where every dish tells a story and every moment is a celebration of the passion that fuels our kitchen. 

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